CROWN-WOOD is a division of Crown-Holdings bvba, a company registered in Belgium active in the import/export & trading of all kinds of Tropical & Exotic Hardwoods (from South-East Asia, West Africa and South-America).

We have associated partners and/or branch offices in China, India, Singapore (covering Malaysia & Indonesia), Congo & Brazil and through them we can supply our clients with a very diverse spectrum of tropical hardwoods, delivered in all kinds & forms, such as: Rough-sawn Lumber, Furniture Squares, Outdoor/Exterior ‘anti-slip’ Decking, Interior T&G Flooring, Lamellas (Top-Layers for Engineered Flooring), Door & Window Frames, Plywood, Hardboard Panels, etc....

Specially for Lumber & Lamellas, we have our own operations in Ukraine & Croatia and our own Lamella production/factory in Greece.